Our Team

Morley Hoppner


Morley Hoppner Group is a dynamic Ottawa-based real estate development firm focused on mixed use and recreation developments that respect and enhance city neighbourhoods. We provide a single point of contact for all forms of contracting from the earliest planning stages of a project to its end.
Morley Hoppner was an integral team member of the consortium that brought the first 3P to the City of Ottawa, The Bell Sensplex. Morley Hoppner has subsequently developed with the team, two more complexes, The Cavanagh Sensplex and The Richcraft Sensplex. Our ability to partnership and to guide large design and construction teams to a successful project completion is our key strength.
Drawing on an accomplished 25-year background in development, Morley Hoppner projects like the award winning Westboro Station continue to set benchmarks for industry and city planners.

Brian Morley

G.S.C., Vice-President

Brian Morley is a construction professional who has been responsible for the successful completion of a broad range of ICI projects. He has an impressive ability of coordinating trades, developing partnerships, and building positive rapport with architects, engineers, local officials, vendors and clients, while also maintaining all project deliverables. Brian was responsible for overseeing the design, construction and development of the Richcraft Sensplex; a LEED certified, 157,000 sf 4 pad recreational complex with a value of $26 million. He is past President of the GCAO (2007) and past Director of the GCAO (2005-2008).

Kim Lackey


Kim Lackey is responsible for the financial analysis and tracking of projects as well as the day to day operations of Morley Hoppner. She is an expert planner and organizer, controlling all of the clerical needs of the company. Kim is in charge of the budget development and implementation, human resources, purchasing, records management, payroll, facilities management, information technology, and communications of Morley Hoppner. Her maintenance of such a robust profile and ability to provide impressive team leadership is admired by all. Kim has also been on the Board of Directors for CAFE Ottawa since 2012.

Brad Morley

P. Eng, G.S.C, President

An astute CEO with proven success in managing multi-million dollar projects, Brad Morley has a strong ability to lead design-build teams and accomplish optimal results. He expertly directs resources, technology and expenses while maintaining a personal commitment to workplace safety, budget, quality and timeline planning. Brad was responsible for overseeing the construction of Westboro Station; a 398,000 sf mixed use residential and commercial space with a value of $85 million. He is also the past President of the GCAO (2000) and past Director of the OGCA (2003-2007).

Ken Hoppner


Ken Hoppner is a results-oriented Owner and Manager with significant real estate experience in Ottawa. As Morley Hoppner’s key Business Developer, Design Planning Lead and Negotiator, he has proven skills in assessing the feasibility of development projects and possesses a strong understanding of local market dynamics. His hands-on approach to development has created a successful track record of completed projects and maintenance of strong relationships with stakeholders, from community leaders to individual purchasers. Ken was also instrumental in the founding of Ottawa Community Ice Partners, the owner and operator of the Bell Sensplex, which was the first City of Ottawa Public Private Partnership of its kind.

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